Why join Energy Angels?

What a year it has been and we aren’t finished yet!

2018 has been a very busy year for Energy Angels. We invested heavily during 2017 to raise awareness of our brand and services and we have to attract increased interest from Housing Providers all over the UK ever since. Our #voidenergymangement and #tenantswitching services are proving to be a popular solution to the very common problems the housing and #energy sectors encounter.


We’ve already seen over a dozen housing providers join us this year, with many more in the process of agreeing their ‘go live’ dates and training schedules. Many of the organisations signing up to use our services are leaving other void providers because they agree that there is a better way to manage the voids process, or because they have become dissatisfied with the services they have been receiving from their supplier.


So, the question remains… ‘Why join Energy Angels?’


1. Choice

Importantly Energy Angels are not an energy supplier and this has a number of advantages our clients tell us are attractive. We offer a choice of preferred energy suppliers during the void period with different benefits to suit the different needs of our clients. This also helps protects against price increases from any single energy supplier. Energy Angels also provide an Ofgem accredited price comparison service to give staff and tenants greater choice. Naturally, energy companies only offer tenants and customers their own tariffs and these are very limited in number. Our price comparison service provides access to hundreds of different tariffs meaning everyone can find something to suit their usage levels, payment options and personal preferences regardless of whether they are a new tenant, existing one, or a staff member.

2. Speed

Energy Angels offer a ‘4 hour SLA’ which is unique in the market. We deal with all energy suppliers on our client’s behalf and we will get RTI codes to clear down debts regardless of who supplies the property. This means our clients don’t have to wait for energy switches to take place to get help and this reduces both workload and turnaround times.

“Energy Angels have helped us to reduce our average void turnaround time from 26 days in 2016, to 15.2 days by October 2017… because of Energy Angels, we don’t have to worry at all about energy, about finding suppliers, about clearing debts…”Tina Bull, Head of Housing, Arhag Housing– Speaking at HOMES 2017.

3. Free

Our services are completely free to our clients and to their tenants. Not only that but by following our processes and switching properties Energy Angels will get FREE energy credit for our clients to use during the void period. In 2017 Energy Angels completed over 14,500 hours of work from free on behalf of our clients and helped clear debts on prepayment meters in over 2500 properties.

4. Service

Having worked in the housing and energy sectors since 2006 Energy Angels understand the needs of their clients and furthermore, we listen. We believe our service is key to everything we do and so you can expect to be able to reach us easily and speak to us regularly. Our team are friendly and helpful, but most importantly they are available. Whether you use our online portal or call us from the site with a pressing issue, we will respond promptly to resolve your issues. We provide robust staff training, regular reviews and provide reports to help clients understand performance and savings.

Below is a simple summary of the key points that make Energy Angels different;

Energy Angels void energy management explained

If you are interested in finding out more about why you should join Energy Angels, please fill out your details at https://energyangels.co.uk/contact/or give us a call on 01902 585500.

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