Energy for your Home

Compare Energy Prices & Switch

Spend 5 mins comparing energy prices and save £100’s on your annual energy spend. 

Our energy price comparison site is free to use and is managed by our partners, Energylinx, who are Ofgem Accredited and 100% impartial. 

Energy Angels provide full support before, during and after your switch so rest assured, if you need any help at all, you can contact us and we’re here to help. 

Ready to switch now? Follow the link below. 

Please note: Whilst our own energy comparison site is having a makeover, we are linking our customers directly to the Energylinx main site. All services work as normal, but note that you are leaving the Energy Angels site to switch directly with Energylinx.

Moving Home? We can help.

There are usually a few more hurdles to saving money on your energy bills when you move home.

Energy Angels have helped over 100,000 home movers save money and ensure that bills are correct and energy suppliers are located during the home move process. 

For no charge we will;

  • Identify your energy supplier
  • Notify them of your move (and readings if you have them)
  • Resolve legacy energy supply / billing issues
  • Compare energy suppliers 

To use this free service, please contact us using the contact link above and tell us the address you’re moving to along with dates, readings (if you have them) and also let us know if there are any supply issues.