Is a fear of change the biggest barrier to reducing your energy bill?

We are reminded regularly by numerous ads on the TV, radio and in newspapers that we could save money on our home’s energy bills by switching provider. So really, we should do it. It’s a no-brainer. Yet, for the most part, we don’t. We stick with the same old supplier we know has been over charging us for years. It’s interesting to ask ourselves why this is the case. What could be preventing us from doing the research, finding the best energy tariff for our households and making the move to switch energy supplier, especially when doing so is actually a rather simple task?

One possible explanation is a fear of change. In a fast-paced world, where major changes occur around us every day, our home provides us with comfortable stability. The window catch that sticks shut could easily be fixed. The cutting-in on that final wall of the bathroom could really do with being finished. We’re all guilty of just letting these things be, because for many of us, we crave the constancy of an unchanging environment when we walk through the door, returning from the unknown.

So many people, however, long for that little extra cash at the end of the month. We cut corners in our spending and we go without, so that we might be able to afford a few extra treats, or even a short break away, and yet a different energy supplier would automatically render a large number of us that much better off without having to constantly deprive ourselves of what we want.

Effort is also a barrier to tackling our household’s energy efficiency. We return from work to face a pile of washing and a stack of credit card bills, and the last thing we want is to trawl the internet to research the best possible energy tariff – even if it might just help to make those bills go away!

It’s one of those little jobs that feel bigger with every day you put it off, and yet the reality is that sites like Energy Angels can create a personal energy savings projection for you in minutes, efficiently comparing available tariffs with minimal effort on your part.

So few people are aware of these extremely useful tools, however. Add this to the fact that many of us are a little cynical about the amount we’ll actually be able to save, and it becomes fairly understandable that the idea of working to revolutionise our energy bills just doesn’t seem worth the effort. Not only is the ease with which you can discover a provider, that will successfully save you money rather surprising, but those savings could, on the part of Energy Angels at least, equate to an average of £251.32 per annum – with much more being possible. Thinking of it in these terms often makes it easier to combat a lack of drive or face the fear of change.

If you’re interested in seeing how you could reduce your energy bills, simply use Energy Angels’ free and quick Gas and Electricity Personal Projection tool today.

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