We’re planting trees with Treefo – Turn your feedback into forests

We are excited to announce our subscription to Feefo, the renowned review platform, and their innovative Treefo initiative. 

This collaboration is a significant step forward in our commitment to both excellence in customer feedback and environmental sustainability.

Why Feefo?

Feefo’s trusted review system enables us to gather genuine, verified feedback from our customers. This transparency ensures that we can continually improve our service, based on real, honest opinions.

Introducing Treefo

Treefo takes our engagement a step further by linking customer feedback to environmental impact. Every customer who provides feedback on our service through Feefo will contribute to planting at least 50 trees each month. Feefo has partnered with Ecologi to ensure that each seed is nurtured into a full-grown tree.

This means that each piece of feedback contributes to a greener planet, aligning our business practices with eco-friendly initiatives.

Accurate and verified reviews help us continue to improve our service to our housing partners, while participation in reforestation projects supports global sustainability efforts.

Be sure to leave a review the next time you get your Feefo review invitation and give the planet a helping hand.

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