Void Energy Management for Social Housing

Void Energy Management for Social Housing

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    Saving Tenants MoneyReducing Void PeriodsReducing Void Energy Costs

    Our beliefs drive us - not shareholders

    We know that as a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), your choice of Void Energy Management service is not only important for your own teams and tenants, it will also be under potential scrutiny from all who care about energy prices.

    Our purpose is to ensure that void teams can enjoy an unrivaled 100% void energy management service whilst helping tenants to save money on their energy bills.

    Whether you already have a service provider, or if your are looking to appoint one , why not consider our free void energy management service and decide for yourself who is best placed to meet yours and your tenant’s energy needs.

    Check out our Inside Housing video below:


    “Since working with Energy Angels we’ve definitely seen a reduction in our void energy costs.”


    “A number of our tenants had not switched their energy supplier for years and were shocked how much money they saved.”

    “I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, every landlord should use them.”

    “The Energy Angels service ensures our tenants start their journey with us on the cheapest energy tariff which gives them more disposable income and a better chance of sustaining their tenancy.”

    Tenant and RSL savings
    • Tenant Savings £9,350,000
    • RSL savings £3,850,000