Unveiling the Perils of Energy Theft: Environmental Impact and Legal Consequences

Dangers of energy theft, bypass meters

Introduction In the intricate web of our modern society, energy serves as the pulsating life force, powering our homes, industries, and technological advancements. Yet, an insidious threat looms in the shadows, one that not only jeopardises lives and communities but also inflicts irreparable harm on the environment – energy theft. In this blog post, we […]

Why are standing charges so high?

In the UK, most people will pay over £300 just for the privilege of using gas and electricity, even if you don’t use it!  Daily standing charges are the culprit, over recent months they have skyrocketed with no view of being reduced any time soon. From July 1st 2023, the Energy Price Cap dropped the average […]

Housing Associations calling for Energy Support Scheme to be re-opened

In August 2023, more than 30 of the UK’s largest Housing Associations have called on ministers by composing a letter to Lord Callanan and Amanda Solloway MP at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. This is to request for a second chance for the 750,000 households they look after who missed out on […]

OFGEM CEO calls on ministers to reconsider the Energy Price Cap.

The CEO of OFGEM has called on minister to re-think the Energy Price Caps. He stated that more rigorous framework is required to support households ready for the upcoming winter. Jonathan Brearley will be setting a price that 29 million UK households will pay for their gas and electricity in the coming fortnight. He does, […]

The return of fixed energy bills – Should you fix?

Due to the latest Energy Price Cap, we have seen average annual energy bills fall by almost 17% as of July 1st. Energy suppliers such as Octopus, British Gas, OVO, So Energy, Utility Warehouse, EDF and Eon next, have now launched fixed energy tariffs. These are currently mainly for existing companies. However, some are offering some new customer deals so switching could take place. […]

The truth about Solar Power – The myths and misconceptions

There’s lots of information across the web regarding Solar Energy and it’s “true costs”, particularly referring to Solar Panels – the costs, performance, and reliability. The common misconceptions of Solar Panels may not be as accurate as you think… Solar Panels are a lengthy process and a lot of hassle to install…? The truth of […]

Are air source heat pumps worth it?

Air source heat pumps are devices that replace your conventional gas or electric heating system. They work on the principle of transferring heat energy instead of generating it. This makes them a lot more efficient and a very environmentally friendly heating solution. The basics… What property is suitable for an air source heat pump? These […]

Energy saving tips for you in 2023

Within a world of high energy costs, it goes without saying that the cost-of-living crises has hit hard. Being weary and worried about energy bills increasing is a perfectly normal response.

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