The UK voted leave

Unless you’ve been under a rock for a while, you’ll know that the UK has exercised it’s right to leave the E.U.

Without picking sides, we must now respect the decision and appreciate that this is what most of the UK wants.

I feel that whichever side of the fence you might be on, a real positive thing has come from this process in that more and more people seem to have engaged with their right to exercise democracy. We really are very lucky to live in a place where we can decide on such important issues.

On the not so positive side I feel it’s a shame that people seem to be falling out over the decision. There were intelligent and reasonable factors on both sides of the argument when you take away the media led non issues which seemed to be reported more on.

Coming from a family where we had differing opinions, I feel that it’s so important to get across a message of live and let live. Not everybody thinks the same and that’s what makes life so diverse and wonderful so let’s respect each other and move forward together.

Whilst a little nervous of the unknown, I am hopeful that I can successfully guide our team and all who engage with our service through the next steps.


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