Taking Care Of Our Social Housing Partners

Government ministers have stated that the UK will avoid the lights going out this winter. However, there is a fear that when the demand for heating increases, coupled with the end of the £20 cut in universal credit uplift, it is likely to drive vulnerable households into fuel poverty. Although recent petrol panic buying has taken over the main headlines, you’ll be aware that the energy industry is facing challenges and remains front-page news. It is vitally important that we offer reassurance to residents by taking care of our social housing partners.


What does this mean for our social housing partners?

Throughout these unprecedented times in the UK energy market, we can reassure our housing partners of our continued support. In fact, we expect more to partner with us as their existing energy providers become unable to support the sector.

What are we doing to support our social housing partners?

We will continue to resolve any energy supply issues whilst a property is empty, regardless of who the energy supplier is to the property. Our fundamental commitment to our housing partners remains to restore the power. We will continue to work with our energy partners to maintain smart meter installation in properties that they do supply.

What should residents expect?

Housing partners residents should expect all standard variable tariffs to be set at the price cap and energy suppliers will not be taking on new customers for the time being. Those on fixed-term deals will have tariffs honoured, providing their supplier stays trading.

It’s likely more energy suppliers will cease trading over the coming weeks and it is important to know that residents are aware that their energy supply will remain constant. That remains the case even if their supplier goes out of business as Ofgem will appoint a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR).

We will continue to support our social housing partners

As part of our continued support, we will strive to research options to find funds available to help vulnerable residents. We will advise our partners accordingly about any schemes to assist those who need them most.

Our decision to continue to provide a free service is our way of demonstrating just how serious we are about providing housing partners with the best possible service. Even in these adverse conditions, it is important that our partners can feel safe in the knowledge that we’ll be there for them this winter.


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