How to Switch your Energy Supplier

We are consistently informed by various sources that switching our energy supplier could save us money. But have you ever thought about switching your energy supplier but weren’t sure how? Or what information you need? Well we at Energy Angels are happy to help and tell you the information you’ll need when switching your energy […]

The prepayment price cap

The music has stopped, the results are in, how did they land? Last year the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed their two year investigation into the UK domestic energy market amongst the remedies suggested. The CMA introduced the idea of a price cap for prepayment meter (PPM) customers. I am sure most of you […]

Further prices increases…

As you might imagine I like to ensure I pay as little for my own Electricity (I don’t have a Gas supply) as I can. I like to keep a close eye on available tariffs for advising others and as I would advise everyone to switch suppliers every 12 months to the cheapest fixed price […]

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