Taking Care Of Our Social Housing Partners

Government ministers have stated that the UK will avoid the lights going out this winter. However, there is a fear that when the demand for heating increases, coupled with the end of the £20 cut in universal credit uplift, it is likely to drive vulnerable households into fuel poverty. Although recent petrol panic buying has taken […]

Who is actually focused on the customer?

There has been a lot of change in the domestic energy market recently, but I have to say I find myself asking, “For whose best interest have these changes been made?” The UK’s domestic energy market is competitive, there is a wide variety of choice and prices available, there are multiple options for preference in […]

Energy suppliers and void energy management

I’ve done my best to write this without any bias toward our company, there are a number of services in the UK, including ourselves who can provide a 100% voids solution. This article is to share some unknown facts about the subject as well as some opinions on potential pitfalls. I would wholeheartedly recommend you […]

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