Energy Suppliers – Government Intervention

We’re still waiting for clarity on any potential government intervention in the energy crunch, as larger energy suppliers take on new customers whose energy supplier has gone out of business. The current number stands at more than 2 million homes, but some of these will not have hedged for the additional customers. It is estimated […]

What’s next for the Energy Industry?

With natural gas prices rocketing by more than 420%, the UK dealing with too little wind, the IFA-1 electricity cable fire and energy suppliers going out of business, what’s next for the energy industry?   The ‘energy crunch’ will affect millions Fuel poverty is not simply a trending hashtag. Millions of UK households will face […]

What is Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR)

The recent increase in wholesale global gas prices is impacting the UK, as we slowly recover from the impacts of COVID-19. These are unparalleled times in the UK energy market and it is anticipated that we will see more energy suppliers exiting the market in the coming months. At this point, Ofgem appoints a Supplier […]

Energy Suppliers Going Out Of Business

Surging gas wholesale prices have put unparalleled pressure on the UK’s gas supply in recent weeks. As a result, a number of smaller energy suppliers are going out of business. Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator, has admitted many more could follow suit in the coming months. Which energy suppliers have gone out of business? Energy […]

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