Why join Energy Angels?

What a year it has been and we aren’t finished yet! 2018 has been a very busy year for Energy Angels. We invested heavily during 2017 to raise awareness of our brand and services and we have to attract increased interest from Housing Providers all over the UK ever since. Our #voidenergymangement and #tenantswitching services […]

Further prices increases…

As you might imagine I like to ensure I pay as little for my own Electricity (I don’t have a Gas supply) as I can. I like to keep a close eye on available tariffs for advising others and as I would advise everyone to switch suppliers every 12 months to the cheapest fixed price […]

Dual Fuel or single suppliers?

Over the years I have completed countless price comparisons on the domestic energy markets. I have done them for myself, family, friends, customer and clients alike. Having seen the trend in results over the past 5 years, I know the market has never been more competitive than it is now, but I also know general […]

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