How to Switch your Energy Supplier

We are consistently informed by various sources that switching our energy supplier could save us money. But have you ever thought about switching your energy supplier but weren’t sure how? Or what information you need?

Well we at Energy Angels are happy to help and tell you the information you’ll need when switching your energy supplier.

What information you need

The first thing you’ll need when looking to switch your energy provider is your postcode. This is due to energy prices differing depending on where your home is located.

Next you will need your contact details, for example an email address or phone number. Although these may not always be mandatory, they help comparison services to send you your quotes.

Then comes your current usage information, things such as your current supplier, how you currently pay them and how much. However, if you do not have a up to date bill to hand you can use estimates.

With these three sections of information you will be able to compare energy suppliers and see how much you could save.

How to switch energy supplier

Once you have found the plan that suits your needs you will be wanting to switch your energy supplier. You will confirm your switch by picking your new supplier. Then provide them with your full address and bank details (if you choose to pay by direct debit).

That’s all it takes, you will then be contacted by your new supplier with information about your service and switchover date.

The entire switching process usually takes around 17 days and your energy supply won’t be interrupted in this time.

You will hear from your old supplier, but the only thing you need to give them is a final meter reading to ensure an accurate final bill.

Your new supplier will also send you a welcome pack outlining what you’ve agreed for your new plan.

Want to switch energy supplier?

If you’re interest in seeing how much you could save by switching energy supplier then try out quick and easy Gas and Electricity Personal Projection tool today.

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