Ofgem’s guide to Standard Variable Tariffs

2017 Sees the launch of Ofgem’s guide to Standard Variable Tariffs (SVT’s). SVT’s are the default energy tariffs which new movers are automatically placed on. Although ‘standard’ sounds fine, almost average even, nothing could be further from the truth.

SVT’s are generally the most expensive energy tariffs in the market and energy companies rely on customers taking no action and remaining in these expensive variable rates, often for years. The guide below shows how the SVT’s from the top 11 energy suppliers in the UK compare and by following the link you can get updated information as these change. How does your supplier compare?

As always, you can check your tariffs and switch your energy supplier for free using our 100% impartial energy comparison service.

You can find more from Ofgem about this here

Standard variable tariff information
Standard variable tariff information
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