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Find out more about the energy crunch and how it affects you

The steps you need to take to ensure you are on the cheapest tariff

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Find out more about the energy crunch and how it affects you

Can you still switch your energy supplier?

The wholesale prices energy suppliers are currently being forced to pay has resulted in them removing tariffs, as few, if any, want new customers.

Read more about why there are no domestic tariffs available

What to do if your supplier has collapsed?

Take a meter reading (and a photo), keep an old bill to prove payment history and wait for Ofgem to assign you a new energy supplier. 

Do you need to do anything?

Call your supplier to ensure you are on the cheapest tariff. If your supplier goes out of business, call your new supplier once Ofgem has assigned a new supplier, to ensure you are on the cheapest tariff 

Warm Home Discounts & more

There are short-term options via government-funded discounts.
Check if you qualify for:

Worried about paying your bills this winter?

There are a number of organisations, charities and government schemes that can offer you advice when it comes to money worries: 

Additional funding for residents

Additional funding for residents is available to the most vulnerable households to provide support with energy and water bills throughout the winter months.

Read more about the additional funding

Our Top Free Energy Saving Tips

There are many ways to be more energy-efficient at home, reducing carbon emissions and lowering your energy bills. 

Will the government intervene?

In a nutshell, it’s all about high wholesale gas prices and the increased demand as economies switch on post COVID-19. 

What is Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR)?

In the unfortunate event of an energy supplier going out of business, Ofgem, the independent energy regulator, automatically appoints a new supplier, known as a ‘Supplier of Last Resort’ (SoLR).

Find out more about SoLR, collapsed suppliers and the take-over Supplier of Last Resort

Will the government intervene?

As larger energy suppliers have taken on more than 2 million new customers whose energy supplier has gone out of business, we’re still waiting for clarity on any potential government intervention in the energy crunch. 

What is net zero?

COP26 is the United Nations summit, aimed at driving action on climate change and accelerating net zero action, but what is net zero? 

Read more about how attaining net zero by 2050 is achievable, but will involve changing the world’s energy generation process and our energy usage in everyday life. 

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