Flying the Flag for Social Housing Energy and Void Management

Aimee Carter, Housing Officer, Flagship Homes.

During 2018 Energy Angels helped the Flagship Group, who deal with more than 28,000 homes across 22 local authorities in the East of England, save over £50,000 by reducing tenant energy bills by an estimated £37,000 as well as providing an estimated £6000 of free energy credit.

Energy Angels voids services have also helped by saving over £7,500 on staffing costs by resolving metering and debt issues in nearly 500 of Flagships void properties.

In 2019 we will continue to work with the Flagship Group and expect to be able to help them and their tenants to save in excess of £150,000.

Don’t take our word for it though, watch this video to see what Flagship’s Aimee Carter has to say about the services we offer.

Flagship support energy switching as a means to reduce costs and recognise that there are competitive prices for their tenants outside of ‘The Big 6’ energy companies.

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