Energy for your Home – Energy Saving Tips

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Our Top Free Energy Saving Tips

Listen to Lewis Taylor, Energy Angels CEO, in a recent interview with Clive Payne on the Black Country Radio 'Drivetime' show, where they discussed the energy price cap, energy-saving tips, smart meters and the importance of being aware of your energy consumption.

Free Energy Saving Tips

Follow our energy saving tips and advice for ways to save energy and lower your bills:


  1. Turn down your main thermostat by 1° and save £144 per year? The recommended temperature is 18°
  2. Try a hot water bottle instead of an electric blanket, it’s cheaper and keeps you just as warm
  3. Keep extra blankets nearby, so you can throw them on if you feel cold at night


  1. Turn your lights off when you’re not using them and save £36 per year
  2. How many lights do you have on in a room? If you have the main light on, do you need the lamp on too?
  3. Keep bulbs clean. A layer of dust will cut down on the light it offers


  1. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you need and save £15 per year
  2. Boil water quickly in the kettle, then transfer to a pan on the hob for steaming and boiling vegetables or pasta
  3. Always use the right sized pan for your cooking ring and remember to cover your pots and pans – using less energy to heat your food


  1. Wash at 30° and reduce use by one run a week to save £50 per year
  2. Don’t wash up under a running tap and avoid rinsing your plates, as this wastes excess water
  3. Where possible, dry your washing outside. Don’t hang washing over radiators as this can cause condensation and cost more in heating bills

Fridges & Freezers

  1. Ensure air can circulate around the back of the fridge or freezer and keep the back dust free
  2. Never put hot food directly in a fridge or freezer. Let it cool first
  3. Defrost your fridge or freezer regularly to keep it working efficiently

Other Appliances

  1. Remember not to leave your laptops and mobile phones on charge unnecessarily
  2. Turn your appliances off standby mode to save £99 per year
  3. Towel dry your hair rather than using your hairdryer to save energy

More Energy Saving Tips and Advice

Some energy saving tips involve an initial cost, but result in long-term savings:

  1. Lighting your home takes up around 6% of your annual electricity use. Replacing each bulb with an energy-efficient LED will cost around £3, but can save up to about £14 a year per bulb
  2. Draught-proofing windows, doors and blocking cracks in floors and skirting can cost around £200, but could save around £72 per year
  3. A quarter of your home’s heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft to prevent that heat loss could cost around £300, depending on the property size, but savings could be £270 per year