Energy Angels & COVID-19

Energy Angels’ approach to COVID-19 is very much business as usual, although we have taken some precautions. 

If you have any concerns or questions about COVID-19, please visit the official government page. Click here for the official UK Government Response


Our approach to COVID-19 was designed way before most of us knew what a CoronaVirus was and I must thank our valued partners listed below who have helped, and continue to help, create a robust IT structure for Angels Group. With their support, we are agile in our approach to delivering energy price comparison, business energy and energy for social housing services. Our approach to any potential disaster was redesigned in 2018 to counter problems such as power failure, connectivity failure, structural issues, fire damage or any other reason which could disrupt our service, we can of course now add a Pandemic to the list of potential disasters. As a result, Angels Group’s bespoke IT and telephony systems are ready to deploy our team to another location whilst maintaining full service to our customers at any time.  

On Friday 13th March, it was decided that our entire team would work from home to minimise the potential impact of the virus. Thankfully our team is healthy, however the risk of one person contracting the virus and infecting the entire workforce was too great. Our team are now home working and following the Gov’t guidelines and we’ve countered the potential for all of our team becoming unwell at the same time. It’s still possible that members of our team could become unwell, however we have temporarily suspended our 4 day week, giving us 25% additional capacity.

I would like to extend a special thanks to our partners for helping us achieve our robust business model:

James Godfrey of Lease Loop – Apple MacBooks, Monitors and iPads

Mark Stevenson of Zest Group – CTO / IT Director services

Nigel Petitt of Lucid IT Solutions – Microsoft Surface Pro and other IT equipment

Richard Tanswell of Tanstech Technology – Office 365 and general IT support

Jon Swinbourne of B13 Technology – Software Development

Digital Angels (sister company) – Telephony and Data


Energy Supplier’s Delivery

Energy Angels are constantly working with all UK energy suppliers to help landlords restore energy supplies, find better tariffs for homes and businesses and generally help to manage energy supplies during the void (empty) periods. We’re getting mixed responses from energy suppliers at the moment. Meter installs seem to be be business as usual, however a lot of call centres are moving to home working and don’t seem to be using systems as advanced as our own, so have moved to email only which affects their service levels. Please be assured that our team are doing everything possible to ensure a speedy service, however at times, we’re still in the hands of the existing energy supplier(s).


If you’d like more information on how we achieved a stress free transition to home working, by all means get in touch. I’m always happy to share best practice and make introductions to our partners where needed. 


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