Dual Fuel or single suppliers?

Over the years I have completed countless price comparisons on the domestic energy markets. I have done them for myself, family, friends, customer and clients alike. Having seen the trend in results over the past 5 years, I know the market has never been more competitive than it is now, but I also know general awareness about energy switching is still low.

Continuing with the theme of imparting knowledge so you can make better decisions when switching energy suppliers, I thought it was time to dispel an old myth… Dual fuel deals are no longer necessarily the cheapest.

For those of you old enough, you may remember the “Dual Fuel” advertising campaigns of the nineties designed to get people switching when the market was first privatised? Whether they were effective or not, the term Dual Fuel was coined and it is one that has become synonymous with discounts and better deals. Like the energy market itself, things have changed.

The advent of an age of many small independent energy suppliers means there are now niche providers in the market who only servicing single fuels. This has helped to drive down prices and now you can get a better deal by shopping around and having your Gas and Electricity supplies with separate companies, rather than opting for a Dual Fuel tariff.

Typically the savings are in the region of about an additional 2-5% for average users;

*3100kwh Electricity and 12500kwh Gas for Norweb region, correct as of 08/03/2017

Even so, an extra £25-£80 in your pocket annually is surely a positive thing? The only considerations are generally that you will have to pay two direct debits and in order to access the most competitive deals, manage your accounts online. To be fair though, isn’t that the easiest way anyway?

I appreciate this may not be the best solution for everyone, however, if you are a value conscious, internet savvy, energy shopper, then this is certainly the way forward for you.

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Managing Director for Energy Angels Group. Proud Husband and Father to a wonderful family. Passionate about our belief that there is always a better way when it comes to energy for social housing.

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  • Rick Tanton

    Yes, I agree but the problem I come across is that if you are a dual fuel customer (as I am at present) all the quote systems I have come across ask for your current supplier and tariff plan. That invariably ‘does not compute’ when you ask for a single fuel quote and their software seems unable to cope with that scenario

    • Leigh Fairbrother

      Hi Rick, software isn’t as smart as we often think, the easiest way to complete single fuel switches is to use the electricity, or gas comparison functions from the start, rather than the dual fuel one. That way you can do each fuel seperately without confusing the software. You can always call 01902 585 503 if you want so help with a comparison and a switch – I hope that helps?

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