CIH Housing Exhibition

Energy Angels attended the Chartered Institute of Housing Exhibition on 26-28 June 2018 for the third year running. The entire event proved to be a major success in bringing together the most diverse audience of sector professionals and partners over three days to celebrate excellence, share ideas, best practice and innovative solutions to enable us to move forward together.

With our eye-catching stand and creative flair in the style of a ‘doodle wall’ it was no surprise why we had a number of fantastic leads from the exhibition. Particular attention was drawn towards the ‘doodle wall’. Here we had an illustrator draw free hand housing/energy related images. This side of the stand had heads turning and on lookers stopping to admire the wonderful art being created on our very stand.

A key interest of most appeared to be the process of what we do during the Void Energy Management period shown on our main wall. The easy to follow 4 steps really engaged attention and sparked a number of questions. This created a fantastic ground when speaking with industry professionals interested in improving their Void Energy Management services and reducing energy costs.

It was great connecting with not only delegates at the Chartered Institute of Housing, we also had conversations with fellow exhibitors regarding future collaborations. It was extremely interesting and exciting to be approached by admirable companies.

To conclude, this year’s exhibition deemed to be highly rewarding and prosperous. It was marvellous to be able to create effective brand awareness for Energy Angels, but to also make some wonderful connections.

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Our stand CIH Housing Exhibition Our stand CIH Housing Exhibition Talking with Public at CIH Housing Exhibition Talking with Public at CIH Housing Exhibition
Getting involved at CIH Housing Exhibition Our doodle wall at the CIH Housing Exhibition Getting involved at CIH Housing Exhibition CIH Housing Exhibition, Energy Angels
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