CIH Housing 2016 in Manchester

After a long and enjoyable CIH Housing 2016 conference I thought I’d kick off with some information about the show and our involvement.

Over the years we’ve been very lucky to win clients via word of mouth and so this is our first time shouting about what we do. It was a great learning experience and have now booked up for Homes in London Olympia, (16th / 17th Nov ’16) and we’ve also renewed for next year, albeit a bigger and better positioned stand.


This is our stand (function over form as our first attempt!). Managed to speak with a lot of Housing Associations and Councils who felt our service could be valuable to them.

Here’s a snap of Owen Jones talking about social housing issues with tenants…

And there was a peaceful protest going on throughout the event, let by Greater Manchester Housing Action. I got chatting to one of their organisers, Tom Barlow. I believe everyone should be given the chance to have a voice and they certainly took their opportunity to make their point. On the flip side, so many of the professionals in the show share Tom’s concerns and I think we all want the same thing. Affordable, decent homes for those who need them.

I’ll follow up on a separate blog with a really interesting and informative report on sustainable homes.

Overall a great show and I look forward to the next one. I’ve come away with so many ideas to make our company better and I look forward to working with our clients over the coming months to turn these ideas into reality.

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