Choosing your void energy management partner… carefully!

In light of the recent news regarding GB Energy going bust, it really hit home that many UK Housing Associations and Residential Social Landlords appear to be putting all their eggs into one basket when choosing their void energy management partner.


I recently wrote about how single energy suppliers can’t ever provide a 100% solution in today’s energy market – if you haven’t read it here’s the blog again – Social Housing, energy suppliers and void energy management.


With the recent GB Energy news¬†it is also clear that RSLs are putting all their eggs into one basket when it comes to managing their void energy supplies. The question is, what happens if the supplier’s position becomes impossible or, as in GB Energy’s case, the supplier ceases to trade?


Our model is based on having multiple energy suppliers on our void ‘panel’ so if one supplier is affected, we can continue our business with others. In addition to this, we’ll always be able to work with all energy suppliers at any time during the void in all cases, unlike single suppliers. This means that even if our entire panel ceased trading tomorrow, we can continue to service our clients as normal whilst we search for a new energy partner.


So when you’re looking for a void energy partner, it’s a safer bet to use an impartial service with multiple energy suppliers¬†such as ours. For more information about our void energy service for RSLs please click here.


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