Business Energy

You do the business, we'll do the energy.

Better business energy prices, whilst using your time for what matters.

Whatever your business size, Energy Angels has you covered

All sizes of businesses can use our free broker and tendering services.

We can forward purchase well in advance of your renewal date to buy at today’s prices rather than a year or two away – great in a rising business energy market, which the UK is now in. 

Ask us about our buying groups, helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of larger purchasing power. 

Let us get a great deal for your business electricity and gas

If you have low, medium or high demand, we will negotiate with suppliers directly to help bring you the best unit rates for your business energy.

We also run regular buying groups including some very high demand meters. By bringing large consumption together under one tender with small businesses, we’re able to secure excellent business energy prices no matter how much you spend on electricity and gas.

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