Support with your Energy Bills

Energy support for residents in 2023 This instructional piece was written in July 2023 and will be updated accordingly with any updates with latest information regarding support for residents. Every home should be a warm and safe place, in last year’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, it highlighted that support is required for more than 4 […]

Why join Energy Angels?

What a year it has been and we aren’t finished yet! 2018 has been a very busy year for Energy Angels. We invested heavily during 2017 to raise awareness of our brand and services and we have to attract increased interest from Housing Providers all over the UK ever since. Our #voidenergymangement and #tenantswitching services […]

Energy partnership aims to help keep Lancashire bills down

Warmth initiative group, Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHiL) , have teamed up with Energy Angels, a specialist energy services provider, as part of a partnership aimed to help abolish Lancashire fuel poverty and high energy bills. A referral service between CHiL and Energy Angels means that support and help for residents across the county will […]

Is a fear of change the biggest barrier to reducing your energy bill?

We are reminded regularly by numerous ads on the TV, radio and in newspapers that we could save money on our home’s energy bills by switching provider. So really, we should do it. It’s a no-brainer. Yet, for the most part, we don’t. We stick with the same old supplier we know has been over […]

CIH Housing 2017, Manchester

June gave us the opportunity to exhibit at CIH Housing 2017 in Manchester. This was our second year at the conference and records show footfall increased significantly. We all agreed the stand was striking and we were pleased to receive a number of compliments on it’s design and appearance. Particular attention was paid to the […]

What are void properties costing you?

The life cycle of a void property impacts multiple departments within any housing provider as well as the end user, the tenant. When you think about the impact on time and resource of 1) The voids team, 2) The DLO or maintenance contractor, 3) The lettings team, 4) The finance team and 5) The financial […]

Energy tariff types and how to compare them

This week I have had cause to look at tariff rates with even great scrutiny than usual and I have looked at many. Throughout the week energy suppliers have been removing out of date tariffs and replacing them with new ones as is usual behaviour and in that time I have seen at least three […]

Conservative Party Energy price cap – The facts

So, we find ourselves facing an unexpected ‘snap’ general election  Over the coming weeks I intend to look at the manifesto’s of the main parties (lucky me!) to see what they propose in relation to energy policy and find more about the Conservative Party’s proposed energy price cap. I want to see how these proposals […]

Smart meters, smart choices – Working with the WM Housing Group

The UK’s largest infrastructure project in our lifetime is underway. The Smart meter roll out is an ambitious programme to replace all 53 million UK household and small business Electricity and Gas meters by 2020. Over 5 million Smart meters have already been installed by a selection of energy suppliers up and down the country […]

Who is actually focused on the customer?

There has been a lot of change in the domestic energy market recently, but I have to say I find myself asking, “For whose best interest have these changes been made?” The UK’s domestic energy market is competitive, there is a wide variety of choice and prices available, there are multiple options for preference in […]

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