Be an energy switcher…

One thing to come from the recent report by the CMA on the energy market is that consumers seem to be so disengaged with their energy supply. Around 70% of the big 6 customers are still on standard tariffs. Most likely from when they first moved into their property as that’s usually the time where they are defaulted to a standard tariff.

In 2015, an average of around £330 per year could have been saved by switching your energy supply to a cheaper tariff from a standard tariff. That’s bonkers to think that for the same energy and around 5 mins work on line or 10 mins on the phone that amount of money can be saved.

If you haven’t switched yet, or even for a while, please get yourself onto our energy price comparison site  and see how much you can save, or if you prefer why not call us on 01902 585503 and we can help you through the process over the phone.

How many jobs are out there where you can get paid over £300 for 5 – 10 mins work? You’re using the energy, why not pay less for it?

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