My 90 day no drinking challenge!

Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this. Here’s a little intro as to why I took up a 90 day no drinking challenge from Jan 1st 2018 to March 31st 2018 (I actually started on Dec 31st 2017 – go me!).

  1. It’s all for charity, mate! I knew that if I committed to making this a fundraising charity challenge, there was no way I’d back out. In a way I cheated will power as once it was in the public domain that I was doing this for charity, that was it, no going back. There’s the perfect opportunity to plug my Just Giving page! Boom – Click me. I’m raising money for Mind | The Mental Health Charity. Please, if you can help, do! Mental health issues are everywhere you look, but often unseen. It’s time to talk freely and openly about mental health issues and more importantly, how we can overcome them. Alcohol plays a massive part in mental health issues and I figured this would be a great way to help raise awareness.
  2. I don’t mind admitting this, I’m 37 and yet I was starting to feel more like 57! Running 2 businesses has taken it’s toll over the years and add into the mix a young family and you can probably understand why I developed a ‘need’ for a bit of stress relief. Drinking was a daily habit and I was often blurring the line between a few enjoyable pints socially with friends to using beer and wine to escape the stress. You don’t have to be pouring vodka on your cornflakes to have an issue with alcohol. I realised I had created a bad relationship with booze and I needed to change it, not just for a token month either as I’ve done that before and then wiped out any benefit by bingeing the next month, I needed to create real change.
  3. I wanted to spend more quality time with my family. I’m nowhere near an absent father, in fact my wife and I have created a good life for our family. Those who know me well will attest to the fact that if it wasn’t for amazing friends and their parents, I would have definitely been sleeping rough at 16 as things went pretty horrible at home, so actually I am quite proud of where we are… BUT… I can’t honestly say that family time was quality family time. I was tired, cranky and then stressed because I wasn’t getting all my work done. My family deserve more than that. I can’t work all hours to provide the best life for my family, get stressed about it and then make them suffer the consequences, that’s a pretty dumb thing to do, isn’t it?!
  4. Business should be awesome, especially when you help people for a living! The problem is the stress and anxiety of running things had built up to an all time high and around Sept ’17 I was ready to pop – or drop, I can’t quite work out which. Nobody can keep on rolling with the punches like I have done for so long whilst abusing my body at the same time and get away with it. I was properly burnt out and the cracks were showing. I had to start giving my body and mind a chance to rest and become healthy.
  5. I was (sort of still am) a fatty! Back in 2006 I badly injured my knee for the second time, at the same time I started working behind a desk and also quit smoking (that’s a good thing!). Put all of those together and add in an appetite for a few pints and you will always come out with obesity. Being only 5ft 7″, extra weight shows and I had at least an extra 2 stone on me, probably more like 3 stone. Time for change!
  6. I was finally getting my knee sorted. After a fair few years and numerous trips to the hospital, 2 failed operations and a lot of time away from sport, we finally made some progress to find out the root cause of my knee issues and the operation date was set for the end of Feb ’18. I wanted to be as healthy as possible for the recovery and physio to give myself the very best chance of getting back to a sporty lifestyle because I missed it hugely.
  7. I wasn’t innovating any more. This is huge for me also, I love ideas and more importantly I love bringing them to life and see them being used and being helpful. I’m not your typical business person / shareholder, revenue is always the bi-product of helping to changing people’s lives. We’ve always been ahead of the game in terms of service levels and how deep we delve to help tenants of our clients and if I wasn’t careful, competitors could start to catch up. I wouldn’t ever let that happen!

Self help, better mental health

These are just some of the reasons, but you can get a good feel of where my body and mind was at. I’m now sat in bed writing this blog, about to do some knee exercises before getting some decent kip ready for a cracking day tomorrow. About that knee by the way, getting rid of the crutches within 4 weeks and back behind the wheel is well ahead of schedule, I’m certain this is down to the success of the 90 day challenge. Body and mind are in much better shape.

Over the next few days, I’ll be going into a bit more detail about the benefits I’m enjoying by staying booze free for 3 months. In reality, I have now changed my relationship with booze as I just don’t think about it, other than the positive aspects of course, and I’m hopeful that I can still enjoy the odd few drinks with friends, without it creeping in and becoming a bad habit again. If that’s just not me then I will take the decision to knock it on the head completely, knowing that life is awesome without it too.


Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for updates.


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