Energy for Social Housing – Void Energy Management

Energy for Social Housing – Switched | On by Energy Angels

Our Switched | On void energy management service is the smart choice for void energy management for Social Housing Providers.

Our specialist team of void energy managers provides bespoke and impartial energy services to the social housing sector to assist with void periods, ensuring energy is on from day one and ensuring tenants pay less for their energy and have the choice of the cheapest energy suppliers.

Our free Void Energy Management service is being used by Social Housing Providers across mainland UK.

Your complete energy service for voids, move ins and throughout the tenancy. 


  • [blue_sc_space]Identify energy suppliers and move accounts into social landlord’s name
  • [blue_sc_space]Resolve prepayment debt problems enabling your engineers to start work..
  • [blue_sc_space]Manage any meter faults and arrange for supplier engineers to attend and resolve.
  • [blue_sc_space]Arrange and manage smart meter installs with free void energy usage.
  • [blue_sc_space]All Supply issues dealt with on demand – we work with all energy suppliers.
  • [blue_sc_space]Our work is completed within 8 working hours enabling speedy turnaround.
  • [blue_sc_space]The only nationwide service of it’s kind in the UK with a tried and tested track record.
  • [blue_sc_space]All of our work is tracked online via a secure portal, you can view our progress in real time.


  • [blue_sc_space]We quickly resolve any supply issues for your tenants during the home move.
  • [blue_sc_space]Identify and notify existing energy suppliers of the home move and meter readings.
  • [blue_sc_space]Provide access to all energy tariffs enabling tenant choice and lower bills.
  • [blue_sc_space]Our energy price comparison service is 100% impartial.
  • [blue_sc_space]Tenants can access our service via our website, telephone, text, Facebook and Twitter
  • [blue_sc_space]Energy support is available throughout the tenancy, not just during the move.
  • [blue_sc_space]Tenant energy savings are tracked via our real time online portal.
  • [blue_sc_space]Over 10 years track record lowering tenant’s energy bills and resolving supply issues.

[blue_vc_skill style=”team-style16″ icon=”fa-pencil” title=”Add Your Void”]As you property goes empty, add your void info to our portal along with energy meter info.[/blue_vc_skill]

[blue_vc_skill style=”team-style16″ icon=”fa-pencil” title=”Reinstate Energy Supply”]We’ll identify current energy suppliers, solve any energy supply issues and arrange for new smart meters.[/blue_vc_skill]

[blue_vc_skill style=”team-style16″ icon=”fa-search” title=”Tenant Move In”]As your tenant starts to move in, we’ll help ensure energy supplies are working and help to locate the best energy prices.[/blue_vc_skill]

[blue_vc_skill style=”team-style16″ icon=”fa-search” title=”Ongoing Support”]We’ll support your tenants well into their tenancy and beyond, helping to access the best priced energy deals and advice.[/blue_vc_skill]

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Because our service is free of charge and contract free, our clients find it really easy to test us out without making a commitment. Let’s talk further about what we can do for you.

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