About Us

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Since October 2006, our specialist energy services have been evolving under the guidance of some of the most experienced energy and property experts in their respective sectors.

One of the reasons why our service delivery is so comprehensive and thorough is that we didn’t just fall into this. Right from the beginning, our main goal was to provide an energy supply management service aimed at assisting all people involved in home move process.

In 2005, whilst working in a busy property management office, Founder and MD, Lewis Taylor realised there was a huge problem within the home movers arena when it comes to utilities, specifically energy supplies.

Whilst built up of a collection of highly skilled components, our overall energy service delivery is very simple. We’re here to help the outgoing resident, those who manage the property whilst void and the new mover. Our clients all want energy on quickly and to pay the best possible price per unit. We make this happen.

[blue_vc_service][blue_vc_service_item title=”Testimonial: Letting Agent in Manchester” hyperlink=”||”]”We’re very pleased with the level of detail that the team at Money Angels undertakes. They are specialists at what they do and they provide valuable support to our business.”[/blue_vc_service_item][blue_vc_service_item title=”Testimonial: Housing Association 20k homes” hyperlink=”||”]”Money Angels are an integral part of our team. Their service enables us to speed up the voids process on the more difficult properties where usually we would experience delays which lead to lost rent and we save money on not having to pay tenant’s energy bills.”[/blue_vc_service_item][blue_vc_service_item title=”Testimonial: New mover using our service” hyperlink=”||”]”My Housing Association gave me the number for Money Angels when moving in and I didn’t really know what to do. After speaking with the team, they had helped me get my energy switched on and saved me money on my bills. Thank you Money Angels!”[/blue_vc_service_item][blue_vc_service_item title=”Testimonial: Previously a new mover, using our energy switch service” hyperlink=”||”]”Thank you again guys! This time a little easier as my energy was already on but still saved money again only 14 months later. I’ve already told my Mom about your service and she’ll be calling you”[/blue_vc_service_item][/blue_vc_service]