Choosing your void energy management partner… carefully!

by 27 November, 2016 0

In light of the recent news regarding GB Energy going bust, it really hit home that many UK Housing Associations and Residential Social Landlords appear to be putting all their eggs into one basket when choosing their void energy management partner.   I recently wrote about how single energy suppliers can’t ever provide a 100% […]

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GB Energy ceases trading – how does this affect you

News has broken this weekend that GB Energy has ceased trading with immediate effect, blaming increasing wholesale energy prices as the reason for the business failure.   Some 160,000 households will be affected by this, although it is important to understand that if you are a GB energy customer, your supply will not be affected. […]

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Energy suppliers and void energy management

I’ve done my best to write this without any bias toward our company, there are a number of services in the UK, including ourselves who can provide a 100% voids solution. This article is to share some unknown facts about the subject as well as some opinions on potential pitfalls. I would wholeheartedly recommend you […]

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